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At Counterpoint, we create sustainable competitive advantages for our clients by building software that automates administrivia and enables people to focus on the work that matters most.

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Counterpoint is the industry's leading provider of process-focused enterprise software solutions. Our cloud and mobile-based business automation systems enable customers to optimize efficiency, agility, and organizational performance.

RFx Center

Comprehensive Bid Management

Provides a platform for buyers and bidders to automate, manage, and monitor their RFI, RFQ, RFP, and other procurement processes.

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Vendor Center

Manage your vendors and keep track of their performance


Simplify and beautify OpenText EIM applications

Created for You.

Counterpoint tools simplify and optimize your OpenText BPM deployment by handling complex event processing, dynamic role management, form design, and more.

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Wage Enhancement Application


We created the ELCC Funds Management system, a flexible and scalable platform which allows child care providers to submit applications for multiple types of funding. This system decreases turnaround time, increases child care provider access to services, and streamlines internal and external processes through integration of four previously separate technologies.


Land Reclamation Certification


As part of the AER automation initiative, we built a system for the client to interact with land operators and oil companies so that land can be reclaimed from oil companies and released back to the public. The system follows the strict regulations set forth by the regulator and the provincial government and processes thousands of applications automatically, while delegating high-profile reclamations to a pool of case workers.


Legal Case Management


This New Jersey based law firm needed a system to handle their complex, data-rich foreclosure process. The Case Management system we built provides a process-driven, task-oriented solution to advance thousands of cases through foreclosure. The application adds value through efficiency in formatting case data for the end user, generating documents, and integrating with third parties, specifically banks and government agencies. Additionally, the system tracks each phase and action taken by firm users for added clarity.

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